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Soak your feet in this mixture and will get rid of fungus forever

Fungal nail infections are horrible on the appearance, that could lead to severe consequences. Removal of fungus is not so easily, because the drugs are not effective, and hence the fungus continue to develop and create more problems.

However, today we will present a natural solution, and we believe that it would help you to get rid of nail fungus permanently and do not require a lot of time and includes just a few simple ingredients that each of us has them in the kitchen – and those are vinegar and baking soda.

Microorganisms such as yeast can survive only in a limited range of pHs. Apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature and soda is mildly alkaline. Together, this powerful combination violates natural surroundings for fungus and makes them impossibility to survive for long.

What you need for an easy recipe to remove nail fungus forever

Necessary ingredients:

Apple vinegar
baking soda
hot water


The procedure is as follows:

Firstly fill the appropriate basin with sufficient vinegar, in order to dip your nails into it, and then soak your feet for twenty minutes. Wipe and dry, and after that fill basin with hot water. Soak your feet in a basin for another twenty minutes, and then need to add a cup of baking soda in the basin, but do not remove the feet from the pool for the next fifteen to twenty minutes. Repeat the process as many times as necessary.

Note! Your feet should be dry during treatment, to make sure that they are clean and dry each time before you soak in the basin. To prevent fungal infection of the nails, be sure not to wear shoes that are open near the toes. Also a regular nail trimming will definitely help, as well as cleaning the tops of the nails with a brush mixed with tea tree oil for every day.

Use this treatment for a few weeks and nail fungus will disappear. Apple cider vinegar is useful not only for the treatment of nail fungus but also for many types of diseases, thanks to its valuable properties.

You should know that in the market there are many types of apple cider vinegar, but the preferably is this pieces with the substance floating on the bottom of the bottle. This substance is dissolved in apple vinegar and offers many of its beneficial properties.

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