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Sudden Unexpected Death at Night – How to Avoid It

Warning to all persons who usually get up at midnight or early in the morning to urinate: It should take note of the “3 half minutes apart.”

Why is this so important?

This will greatly decrease the risk of unexpected death.

Often we are witnesses that a person who looks very healthy, died suddenly in the night.

The fact is that when a person wakes up in the middle of the night and go to the restroom, it is often done in a hurry. Standing too quickly after lying cause a deficiency of insufficient blood flow to the brain.. So that’s why it’s important to follow the “3 Half minute break”.

ECG pattern may be changed due to the sudden change of the situation that the body can affect the blood circulation in the brain and can eventually cause cardiac failure.


We encourage you to practice these:

1. When waking up from bed, not always immediately gets up, but should lie in bed for the 1st half-minute;

2. Sitting in bed next half minute;

3. Release the legs while sitting on the edge of your bed for the last half-minute.

After a series of half-minute pause, you will not suffer from lack of blood circulation in the brain, thereby reducing the risk of sudden unexpected death.

Thanks for your valuable time and share this information with family, friends and loved ones. It can affect any regardless of age.

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