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The Best Tooth Brushing Method You Were Never Taught

Many people quickly brushed their teeth with the rough movements,but this does not achieve a great deal, because for the removal of plaque and debris need much more detailed washing.

Brushing teeth back and forth or circular motion probably not the best way to brush your teeth, but those are the most popular methods that promote the manufacturers of toothpaste, but also the ones that taught children

The dentists, on the other hand, recommend a method called “modified Bass technique.”

To wash your teeth in this way, turn the brush at the gumline, move it in a circular motion in order to remove plaque from at and underneath your gums, then sweep the brush away from the gums to remove debris


The optimal way of brushing teeth is not fully agreed upon: an analysis published in the British Dental Journal cited of numerous disagreements about how often, how long and what technique is the best to brush your teeth.

Of the ten associations of dentists, six recommended “modified Bass technique” because there is some evidence, that it is the best. This method was rarely taught to children, so it was stayed in some way ‘reserved’ for adults.

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