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5 Bad Habits That Make Thyroid Problems Worse

It is important to change some bad habits, or circumstances, which directly influence the state of the thyroid gland and you will feel better.

Stress – A study published in Behavioral Brain Research indicates that stress and condition of the thyroid gland may lead to long-term changes in the memory.

This is because the stress suppresses thyroid hormone, and it functions even worse if the person already suffering from thyroid problems. Therefore, try to solve the stress and nervousness.

Smoking – In 1995, researchers discovered that smoking increases thyroid problems, and this is due to the presence of cyanide in tobacco smoke. Cyanide stops the synthesis of hormones, secreted by the thyroid gland.


Soybeans – All people should stop eating soy, especially people suffering from diseases of the thyroid gland. Soy contains many components that adversely affect the entire body and prevent the synthesis of hormones and metabolism of iodine.

Increased consumption of certain vegetables – cabbage, turnips and other vegetables will affect thyroid function in conditions of iodine deficiency.

This is because these vegetables have glucosinolates which inhibit the body in the secretion of hormones.

Avoiding doctor visits – Going to the doctor is not always convenient, but if you have thyroid problems, you should regularly track changes in your condition.

Remember, that the state of the thyroid gland, can become serious if not treated adequately.

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