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Beat all records: a medicine from B.C. improves memory by over 75%, sharpens vision, depression

For the healing properties of rosemary is known since before Christ

Also, in Ancient Greece, students wore wreaths from rosemary sprigs in class – its flavor helps to better remember the information. Rosemary is also effective for people who have lost the sense of smell, speech and eyesight.

Head of the Department of Psychology at the Northumbria University, Dr. Mark Moss, decided to conduct an experiment, in order to determine the most useful properties of rosemary. The volunteers were divided into two groups. One was moved to a room, where placed sprigs of rosemary. And the other group – in a room, where there is nothing. After that, conducted experimental testing.


Those,who breathed the scent of rosemary, solved the problem perfectly. Also, in the blood of these people had an increased concentration of 1,8-cineole. This compound is contained in the oil of rosemary. It affects the memory of man. But that’s not all …

How useful is rosemary

1. Rosemary is added to a food during physical fatigue, stress, depression, and neurological disorders.
2. It stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and enhance digestion.
3. The essential oil of rosemary has antiseptic action. It is used to treat acne and wounds.
4. The aqueous solution of extract of rosemary with lavender restores the memory and eyesight. It is also used in cardiovascular diseases. Especially has been proven its effect in those who have suffered a stroke.
5. The infusion of twigs of rosemary helps in the treatment of respiratory diseases.
6. Rosemary is effective in fighting and preventing diabetes.

Keep in mind, that you should not use rosemary or its flavor if you have epilepsy, allergies and hypertension. It is not recommended for pregnant women and young children.


You can safely put it in bottle with atomizer water with a sprig of rosemary or essential oil of rosemary and sprinkle with it workplace.
Firstly, it will help you to concentrate better, and secondly, to purify the air, because rosemary has antiseptic properties.

Do not forget to add it to your food. Rosemary gives the dish a spicy, slightly bitter taste.

You will enjoy it!

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