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These Diseases Are Treated With Only Hot Water ( Include: Headache,Gastritis,Diabetes,Arthritis,Cancer…And Much More)

A number of diseases respond well and even are treated with a simple method known to the Japanese for centuries. Drinking warm water in the morning on an empty stomach is recommended for various conditions. This improves all body functions and helps to cope with the problems.

Recent scientific studies confirm the effectiveness of this practice. According to Japanese medicine drinking hot water in the morning on an empty stomach helps in the following diseases: headache, body aches, arthritis, epilepsy, bronchitis, asthma, meningitis, kidney disease, obesity, gastritis, diarrhea, diabetes, constipation, all types of ocular diseases, menstrual problems , diseases of ear, throat, and even cancer, according to the Japanese, who are known to the alternative medicine treatments.

Japanese recommend the following method: after waking up, before even brushing your teeth, drink 4 cups by 160 ml of hot water. After that, wash your teeth and do not drink anything at least 45 minutes. After breakfast do not accept fluids for at least 2 hours. This applies to all food in general, as drinking water after meals diluted juices in the digestive system and violate the bowels. You can start with a small amount of water in the morning and gradually increases.

Result of the treatment with hot water have a high blood pressure after 30 days, gastritis after 10 days and in diabetes after a month.


This method has no side effects, except that often go to the toilet. It is recommended prior to treatment to consult a doctor.

In this context, the warm water came across another interesting study namely, burns should be treated with warm, and not with cold water.

Placing a cold water on small burned parts of the skin is known way to treat burns. Swiss scientists however recommend doing exactly the opposite: to let out hot water over the burned areas.

A study conducted at the University of Basel, indicates that the warm water reduces tissue damage and helps restore normal blood circulation in burned areas. Upon receipt of the burns within 24 hours is used hot water.

Despite the cold water helps reduce the feeling of pain, as cools the skin and nerve endings, after 20 minutes the pain returns because of too low a temperature, the researchers said. After the occurrence of burns they recommend on the tissue to let go cold water for only 1 minute, and then to run the hot water, in order to promote circulation. Warm water should not be hot, but approximately 20-30 degrees Celsius.

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