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Completely disappear for only 8 days: The Recipe For Natural Removal Of Fatty Tissue (Lipoma)

The formation of fatty deposits or lipomas are benign tumors, are harmless but very unaesthetic formations, and they usually appear on the neck, head, underarms, or at any age.

Generally, appear in only one place in people aged 40-60 years.

Modern science does not know the cause of their formation and that are related to genetics, but it is believed that they are associated with high levels of cholesterol or obesity.

Lot of people want to avoid surgery and harmful treatments for lipomas, but fortunately there is a perfect natural alternative.

Doctors recommend surgical removal of the lipoma, or laser treatments. However, these procedures do not ensure that lipomas will not return.

With this recipe problem with lipoma can be solved easily and painlessly, and in a short period of time! This recipe for efficiency even some dermatologists recommend.

This recipe has helped thousands of people to get rid of lipomas and the mixture is made only from the honey and flour.

Natural Cure for removing lipoma

Mix equal parts honey and flour. Apply the mixture on the gauze. A preferred thickness of the layer is a mixture of 5 to 10 millimeters. Apply onto the affected area. Leave compress to act for 36 hours. Then rinse the area and apply a new fresh composition.

This drug is used for a period of 8 days.

After those days should be noted dissolution of fat tissue

A mixture of honey and flour is an effective means for external wounds.



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