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8 symptoms,that indicate, that you have a thyroid problem and it is time for a review

The thyroid gland – 8 signs that indicate you have a problem

The thyroid gland, located in the neck, is vital for your body because it is responsible for a lot of functions. It produces hormones that regulate metabolism.

The imbalance of these hormones exert significant influence on the human body, so by proper activity of the gland depends on the overall condition of your body.

However, it is very difficult to diagnose thyroid dysfunction, since the symptoms are similar to other health problems. Thus, it is important to recognize the right symptoms of the disease.

Here are 8 signs that in no case should not ignore:


Frequent pain in muscles or joints

Such a complaint can not be ignored and need to visit a doctor to find out if you have any problems with the thyroid gland.


Hypothyroidism often leads to bloating. On the other hand, if you notice that your face swells, you should immediately check for thyroid problems.

Irritability and anxiety

Sometimes excessive reproduction of thyroid hormone can accelerate the metabolism and thus cause you to feel irritated and nervous.

Weight change

Hypothyroidism can lead to unexplained weight gain or rapid weight loss.

An irregular menstruation

The problems with the gland can cause two types of unregulated menstrual cycle, or extremely severe and prolonged menstruation, or menstrual irregularities including its absence at all.

Changes in mental health

The reduced levels of thyroid hormone causes constant fatigue and dizziness.

Abnormal reaction in temperature outside

In case of illness people can react differently to the temperature outside. In the case of hyperthyroidism, people can experience or excessive heat or not natural cold.

Hair loss, pale face

Weak, brittle and dry hair – this is just one of the symptoms of thyroid problems.

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