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After The Procedure, I Feel Like A Reborn! I Have Not Believed That Ordinary Salt Possesses Such Power!

For many peoples of the world salt symbolizes purity and honesty. Not surprisingly, that include it in the healing therapies. Salt has long been used in the procedures for cleaning the body and soul throughout the world, and its main advantage is the strong positive charge, that it contains.

Salt is able to attract and absorb negative energy in minutes, so we recommend you do not waste time and relax! Energy treatment can be extremely important for each of us at some point.

Purification with a salt

For purification therapy, you will need a suitable container, in which you can immerse yourself both legs and to feel pleasant and peaceful, as well as ordinary package of rock salt. Follow the simple instructions to achieve the harmony!



Insulate from the noise, people and other things that distract attention.
This could be done in a room and outdoors.
Fill with the salt the prepared container.
Stand barefoot on the salt and relax.

Start mentally expelling all negative thoughts, impressions and emotions to your feet, imagining how bad everything is sinking in salt. Feel free to move around, it’s even better! The more energy indulge, the better the treatment will be.


You can tapped with your foot, and even – to jump to crush the salt with feet, sing or chant something like “getting rid of the bad mood” or “Farewell, failure!” .

When you feel that the negativity is gone, clean legs and wait for a while to continue with renewed vigor to the final stage of treatment.
The rest of salt carefully scoop in a bag and wash it in the sink, toilet or bury it in the garden – so the salt will be cleaned with water and land. Do not forget to thank it.

Energy purification may sound humorous, but it is important and useful for all who experience difficulties in life and often in a bad mood. Does not prevent a try, simply will make you feel better!

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