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Caution! Are You Buying “Crab Stick”? You Must Know These Things Before You Pick Up Next Package

“Crab stick” are extremely popular during the holidays.

Caution – danger! Here’s what you need to know about “crab stick”!

Crab stick are a delicacy favored food, due of the unusual taste and standard form of the semi-finished product.

Unfortunately, a lot of manufacturers added to the composition of crab stick different flavors, stabilizers, thickeners and flavoring agents. The worst thing is that some of them manage to replace the main component of crab stick – surimi (minced fish).

Obviously it is important to pay attention to the choice of “crab stick”.

We need to give this process some time, in order to focus on product quality, which will not harm your health.


How to choose a “crab stick”?

1. Structure

The structure, density is the most important when it is necessary to select crab stick. If the list of components in the first row is a surimi, this means that the product has a quite good quality. If surimi is in the second row or somewhere at the end of the products listed, it means that the contents of fish in the “crab stick” is minimal.

Sometimes “crab stick” has starch, soy protein, and a variety of substitutes. In this case it is necessary to cancel the purchase of such semi-manufacturer.

2. Type

Of great importance is the appearance of stick. The color of the sticks should range from light pink to pinkish-red. A bright red color indicates excessive amount of dye in the product.

Moreover, crab stick should be smooth and elastic. When you start to slice them, they should not disintegrate. If this happens, you better opt out of the consumption of this product.

3. Packaging

The fact that “crab stick” have spent much time in the freezer, can be seen by the package. Safely packed crab stick have a package that is not scratched or battered. There must be a minimum amount of ice on it. Look it well and see if there are holes in it.

When choosing a “crab stick” it is best to choose a product manufactured by a famous mark or undertaking proven deals with processing and packing of fish.

4. What’s inside?

Perhaps you know, that in “crab stick” has no crabs.

There has a surimi, which is something, of what they say purified fish protein. Very often surimi is a meat of fish, to which is added sorbitol 420. Some “crab stick” are made from fish paste.

“Crab stick”are fake food. Surimi in Japanese means ground meat. Early in the 60s of last century, when it started the production of “crab stick”, in them most often has had ground of trout. Today in this iconic delicacy there are any fish residues and much. Or otherwise – “crab stick” are like sausages.

So-called fish sausage in Japan are stained with a dye that is made of insects. It is entirely possible some Asian manufacturers to roll stained with carmine – extremely dangerous carcinogen.

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