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Don’t Throw Away Your Sprouted Garlic; It’s A Superfood That Kills 14 Types Of Cancer Cells

Sprouted garlic into a raw is proven to enhance the anti-inflammatory, immunomodulator, acceleration, cardiovascular health, and has the ability to kill 14 types of cancerous cells.

Sulfur-rich compound called allicin, is an effective tool against bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites without toxic side effects.

First, let’s clear up with these rumors “garlic is poisonous”, that a few hold, and that the “seed of apple and apricot are toxic”, a theory of those people who spread fear.

A little knowledge is actually dangerous to overlook all the details of the complete picture. Those who spread fear used misinformation, all of us should ignore.

But still there is some truth about the toxicity of garlic you need to know, if you buy a conventional grown or imported garlic, be sure that more than half of conventional cultivated garlic comes from China. And, all else come from Mexico and some Latin American countries.

Large quantities of garlic imported from China increased in human excrement, according to Australian statements.

Several large shipments were canceled in the United States due to mold and insects, China and other countries resorted to bleaching and Fumigation of garlic with methyl bromide, a toxic pesticide that is prohibited in certain areas.


You have an option. Pay a little bit more when you buy locally grown garlic, homegrown organic garlic. Ironically, toxic measures in an attempt to prevent imported garlic to spoil also inhibits the ability of germination.

Sprouted garlic is even healthier

Sprouted garlic, older garlic with bright green shoots emerged from their clove, usually considered to be largely come to an end and routinely are thrown into the trash without a second thought.

The older plant foods that begins to germinate, such as potatoes, can actually be hazardous, because it releases toxic chemicals that can threaten people, but quite sure that this is not the case with the sprouting garlic.

The study financed by the Korean Institute for planning and evaluation of technologies, recently published in the magazine of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, found that sprouted garlic has even higher antioxidant activity than their younger, fresher brethren.

Scientists know that,when seedlings are converted to the green plants, then it produces many compounds, some of which of these compounds have some protecting plants from pathogens.

Dr. Jong-Sang Kim explained: “Plants are very susceptible to attack bacteria, viruses and insects during germination.

Their capability to produce various chemicals called phitoalekins and allows plants to defend themselves. Most of them are toxic to microorganisms and insects, but also many useful for our health. ”

Kim’s team discovered that a similar process can be integrated when the green shoots growing from older garlic clove.

They found also that the shoots of garlic, which had sprung up in five days had the highest antioxidant activity, while offshoots of raw garlic had lower antioxidant activity.

When we look at the issue a little deeper, we see that the germination changed metabolic profile garlic: The metabolic profile of garlic, that was created for five to six days was different from the metabolic profile of garlic sprouted in four days or less.

The researchers concluded that germination may be a viable method to increase the antioxidant potential of garlic.

Sprouting garlic in raw is proven to enhance antiinflammatory, immunomodulator, acceleration, cardiovascular health, and has the ability to kill 14 types of cancerous cells.

So, do not waste your time, grab a couple of local, organic, garlic from store shelves and simply allow them to germinate in the pantry or storage cupboard to increase their antioxidant properties.


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