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Each Sip of This Drink is One Step Closer to Death!

For the hazards of carbonated drinks already we know, the main focus is on sugar, contained in them in large quantities. Soda leads to obesity and metabolic problems – this is no secret. Maybe that’s why enterprising manufacturers of carbonated drinks decided to get rid of sugar and replace it with sweeteners? Do you think that made us better? Of course not! The effect on the body of all these alternatives have not yet been fully elucidated, but for aspartame is known sufficiently.

American scientists 10 years trying to understand the effects of aspartame on human health. An experiment was conducted with 60,000 participants who regularly drank soft drinks with such sweetener. In fairness it must be said that aspartame does not contain any calories.

But it is “compensated” adequately dose of another fact – it is so cute, that ordinary sugar as compared with it looks like an innocent human creation. Aspartame is 20 times sweeter than sugar!


The results of the researchers, no one liked. They faced such serious diseases in patients, who did not want to share their “discovery” with the world. People who drank two cans of carbonated with aspartame per day, were in mortal danger. More often than others they experienced:

* severe headache;
* stomach ache ;
* dizziness ;
* constant pain in muscles and joints.


In addition, a change in personal qualities – people become aggressive increase in the level of anxiety, appeared hyperactivity, there was a serious risk of depression. We must add, that unto them are increased by 30% the risk of cardiovascular disease, and 2 times the percentage of deaths due to heart attack. The scientists turned their attention to the fact that began to appear more frequently diseases such as lupus, Alzheimer’s and even amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which is considered a rare disease.

This is the true face of aspartame, which methodically causing irreparable damage to your health, penetrates into the body with every drop of delicious fizzy drinks. American scientists have not been able to answer just one question – why European researchers never showed the horrible impact on the human body of one of the most popular sweetener in the world?

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