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Foods You Should Stop Eating if You Want to Lose Fat If You’re Over 40!

The body of an adult woman is radically different from the young. Therefore it is necessary to regulate nutrition by taking into account age-related changes. To learn why and how to do this, read the following:

First, after 40 years there are changes in hormonal levels. Therefore, changes the skin condition, metabolism and nervous system. So if you want to lose weight, should not only to eat less, but also to change mainly your diet.

Second, occur the problems with bowel , because the elasticity of the walls decreases. This translates into more frequent constipation and bloating. To prevent this, also you need to follow a special diet.

Basically, if you want to lose weight effectively and to take care of the overall condition of the body, follow the directions below.

What should eat women after 40

– Pay attention to the proteins from milk and vegetable origin. The amount of meat has to be reduced with age, as it begins more difficult to be digested. Therefore turn in your diet cottage cheese, cheese and mushrooms. If it is difficult, opt out of meat, choose lighter such a low fat content – rabbit and chicken for example.

– Drink water immediately after waking up and between meals. Coffee – yes, but no more than one cup a day.


– Avoid sugary sodas, foods from fast food and flour. Sweets, sugar – these are fast carbohydrates, which the body breaks down quickly and converted into fat.

– If you suddenly opt out of junk food, remove every week from your diet an harmful product. Nutritionists recommend a trick: if you really like to eat something harmful, eat harmful product in the first half of the day. Only eat it with foods rich in fiber. For example, caramelized apple or bread with a thin layer of jam.

– Pay attention to the sesame. It contains phytoestrogens – plant analogs of female sex hormones. These seeds help to regulate metabolism and reducing bad cholesterol. Only consume no more than 3 teaspoons daily.

– Avoid alcohol if you want to be weak and your gut to work like clockwork. On holiday you can afford 1 cup dry red wine.


– Oily sea fish – one of the best products for women after 40. Polyunsaturated fat in it protect the vessels, improve memory, faded hair and skin its luster back.


– Eat small meals every 2-3 hours. So you will not have time to get hungry and will increase your metabolism. Initially you will be unpleasant if you are accustomed to not eat all day and night to catch up. But very soon you will get used.

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