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Symptoms Of Hypertension, Migraine, Stress – The Place Of The Pain Reveals The Type Of Headache, The Cause …

Sometimes it is not difficult to guess, why appeared headaches, for example due to drunkenness or sleep deprivation… But sometimes it is difficult to find out why it hurts and exactly why in a particular place. Depending on where and how it occurs can be a case of a serious health problem.

Explosive headache appears as a “thunderbolt” and the maximum intensity is achieved for several seconds. It may be an indication of a number of health problems, including and bleeding due to leak blood vessels in the brain, which is life threatening.

If headache occurs early in the morning, then surely you should check with a doctor because it can show that it is a brain tumor, apnea, high blood pressure …

Also advice of a doctor, should be sought, if along with headaches experience changes in vision, digestion and mood, the emergence of tension in the neck or irritability, or if the pain occur after a blow to the head.

Headaches also differ in the place and after the pain, these are the most common:


1. Pain in one half of the head

It is about migraine, that is not dangerous headache, but it is very hard for those who suffer from it, as it can last up to 72 hours. You will know the throbbing pain of moderate to severe intensity, and it ever appear and nausea, as well as hypersensitivity to noise and light. It is important to take pills against pain immediately after the onset of symptoms, and to stand in a dark and quiet room.

2. Like someone is tightens your head with a vise

It is a headache, that occurs gradually to medium intensity of pain and the head felt like someone clamp with a vise. Often it occurs due to stress and is well a bit to sleep.

3. Pain on one side of the face, swelling of the eyelids

It is a headache which is strong and continues in cycles of two weeks to a month. Arises in a certain period of the year and between 2 attacks can pass and year. As long as the pain occurs almost every day and at the same time of day and night and takes about 2-3 hours. Those who suffer from this type of headache noticed that it is better when moving, as opposed to those with migraine, which must not move,. The pain appears on one side of the head and generally on that side of the face becomes clogging of the nostril or by it flowing fluid, the eye is flushed, face and forehead are swelling. This form is 5 times more often in men …

4. Pain in the forehead

In this case it comes to headaches caused by inflammation of the sinuses. The pain may be felt at apples. Will help you inhalation and shower with hot water ( due to steam).

5. Pain in the back of the head (in the neck) and on the top

This type of headache is due to problems in the spine and neck, such as may occur during long sitting. Stretch a little and breathe fresh air

6. Pain in temples

Appears if someone has a a breach of the jaw, is kept as traumatic headache. Besides pain in the temples, appears and pain in the ear, face, difficulty in opening and closing of the mouth, feels and when the jaw moves. It is better to visit a doctor.

Keep a diary for a headache

Experts say it is better to keep a diary of headache such as how often comes at a time when it hurts, how long, what activities, meals or refreshments precede the headache and others. Based on these observations, a physician would be easier to diagnose what it is.

Headache occurs and dehydration, so be careful during the day to drink enough water.

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