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Defeat Anemia Within 7 Days: You Only Need Apples And Nails!

If you suffer from anemia, today is your lucky day, because this awesome recipe has cured a lot of people with this disease.

The recipe includes the apple and iron nails

Sour apples

Pale people (probably due to lack of iron, low hemoglobin, anemia) if daily eats sour apple, tamping with iron nails, can prevent iron deficiency and anemia.


Wash the apple well. Wash several nails pure iron and some copper wire with alcohol and then with a towel dry them and keep them on the block, the best around the stem. Into the apple insert 16 iron nails and leave 12 hours in a warm place

In the morning remove the nails and copper wire and eating the apple in one of three ways:

– Whole apples, since it is
– Place the apples in a blender, make juice and drink immediately
– Ground apple in a bowl, add a tablespoon of honey and the juice of half a lemon

The treatment lasts for seven days, but within a year you can repeat this procedure for next seven days.

Note: You don’t need to wash the nails and the wire after each use, just scrape the accumulated deposits, and immediately insert the wire and the nails into another apple.

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