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This Test In Less Than Two Minutes Will Reveal All About Your Health (Photos And Video)

Do you have doubts about your health? We suggest you to make a very popular and simple test that takes less than two minutes.

Health is our wealth! The largest and most valuable. Usually we understand only when we lose.

To understand the state of their health, many people decide that it is necessary to make a large number of tests and studies.

But recently, the Brazilian scientist Claudio Gil Araujo managed to develop a test that can easily assess the physical health of people. Numerous studies have confirmed the effectiveness of the test. Want to know what is the state of your health? Just try it, as shown in the pictures and follow the instructions in the article

It should be noted, during the test are calculated points. The number of points depends on the final outcome

We wish you luck!

1. At the beginning of the test you have 10 points. Remove shoes and cross your legs so, as shown in the picture.

2. Slowly begin to sit with crossed ankles on the floor, without help of your hands. If you lose your balance and help with your hands, taken one point of each support utilized, if you’ve only lost balance, taken half a point.

3. Continue to sit on the floor for 1 minute. Then, without looking down, try to get up. Helping with your hands is forbidden! Penalty – 1 point.

4. Stand up and write somewhere final outcome. For convenience, you can get someone to help you and count the points

Here are the results of the test for assessing the health

8-10 points: Okay. Apparently, you lead a healthy lifestyle and take good care of your health.

6 – 7.5 points: Not so good. There is space for improvement in the health, but there is a big risk.

3.5 – 5.5 points: Warning. You have problems. The risk of death over the next six years is two times higher than in the previous two categories.

0-3 points: Poor. This is a serious warning. You are in a very bad condition and the risk of death is five times higher in the next six years than in person from the category of “better”.

Of course, this test is not suitable for people with certain specific diseases. Nevertheless, it is interesting to try by anyone who is at least 40 years and no chronic diseases or problems with motor functions.

People from the first two categories can be calm. But if you’re at the bottom, it is better to think seriously about your health, before it’s too late.

It is always better to do something small, but helpful to health.

Take care of yourself!

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