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A Folk Remedy For Diabetes By a 90-Year-Old Doctor

Diabetes – is one of today’s most common diseases. Every day, are sick more and more people, regardless of age, gender or social status.

Besides the fact that diabetes is associated with increased blood glucose levels, also destroys nerve endings and causing problems with the kidney and other organs. In severe cases even reaches the amputation of limbs.

Initial remedy for diabetes

Dr. Jamie, a specialist in the field of metabolism, says, that he knows a home remedy for diabetes, which consists of only several components.

90-year-old doctor reassures their patients, that diabetes is not caused by problems with blood sugar levels, as is commonly believed. He believes that the cause of this disease is the lack or shortage of 6 minerals, needed by the body.

According to his research, if people get these minerals in the right amount, they can cease to worrying about excessive consumption of sugar.

What the doctor advises:

You’ll need

1 egg
1 tablespoon of vinegar


Boil the egg and clean it from the shell. Place it in a bowl and then make a few holes in it. Pour vinegar into the holes and leave it overnight. Eat the egg on an empty stomach and drink a glass of water with dissolved in it a spoonful of vinegar.

The fact that you can get rid of such a serious disease, due to just two simple ingredients, seem absolutely amazing, but true. Take a few days and forget about diabetes!

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