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How She Gets Rid Of Her Blackheads With a Toothbrush is Simply Amazing! (Video)

If you carefully take care of your skin and read this article, you should already be aware of the importance of healthy skin. The acne and clogged pores are a sign, that something is wrong with the way, in which you care for your skin.

Cleaning the skin deeply, every day is very important if you want to remove any imperfection. It is important to know what is good and what is bad for your skin.

In the following text, you will understand a method that will help you to keep your pores clean, and the method requires only 3 components and toothbrush.

You’ll need:

clean, unused toothbrush
1 tablespoon toothpaste
1 tablespoon of baking powder
hot water

Cleaning Method:

Clean your skin
First wash your face well, then use a cloth soaked in hot water, in order to heat all areas of the skin where you have blackheads. This will open the pores.

Make the mix:

Pour baking soda, water and toothpaste in a bowl and well mix them together..

Apply the mask:

Now take the paste and then rub generously on areas where you have blackheads.

Use a toothbrush to massage the paste into the pores. It is very important to make sure that the brush is very clean before you use it for this step. When you rub the paste thoroughly, let stand for about one minute. Now you can wipe it with a cloth, but should be soft because the skin will be very sensitive at this time.

To complete the cleaning of pores, simply rinse the rest of the paste with warm water. The result will surprise you! Your skin never been so clean.

Watch this video to see all the steps:

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