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If You Find A Red Dot On Your Skin You Need To Know This

If you suddenly find out on your skin such red dots, do not be alarmed in vain

Sometimes it so happens that accidentally find out on your body red dots of unknown origin. They are similar to moles, but not quite.

These formations are called angiomas. Today we will tell you briefly where they come from and how to prevent its further spread. Angiomas located on the skin should not create concern.

What is angioma?

Angioma – It is the name for vascular tumors, derived from blood or lymph vessels. Localization of angiomas may be superficial (skin and mucosa). However, they also can be located in the muscles, internal organs (heart, lung, uterus, liver, spleen, etc.). Angiomas sometimes accompanied by bleeding of varying intensity.

The term “angioma” in vascular surgery combines in itself different types of blood dyscrasias (hemangioma) or lymph vessels (limfangiom). According to some researchers, angiomas are intermediary between tumors and malformations.

Angiomas appear once and disappear, or appear and remain forever. As we said – their location is different. Discovered predominantly in the upper half of the body including the head and neck (up to 80% of cases). Less common are angioma in the throat, lungs, eyelids and eyeballs, liver, bones, external genitalia, and so on. Color can be red, purple, blue or colorless. The size also varies.

Causes of angioma

In most cases, angiomas are congenital. It is believed that the source of angiomas are resistant anastomoses between arteries and veins. The increase of the angioma is due to the proliferation of tumor vascular. It begins to grow and destroy surrounding tissue. The causes of congenital angioma is not known.

If you notice, the red dots sudden changes in size, shape or start to bleed, it is recommended to consult a doctor. In other cases, angiomas usually not a reason to visit a specialist in skin diseases. Still, it is good to mention this issue at the next visit to the doctor.

Absolute indications for emergency treatment of angioma are: the rapid growth of the tumor, extensive lesions, localization of head and neck, gastric ulcer or bleeding, disruption of the body concerned. Emergency removal is justified when there are signs of spontaneous regression of tumor vessels.

For the removal of angiomas can be used electrocoagulation, eliminating with laser, cryotherapy. For small but deep angioma is used sclerotherapy – local injection of 70% ethanol, which leads to aseptic inflammation and scarring of the tumor vasculature.

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