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Mother Nature Has Created This Fruit For The Female Body. That Is Why It Is So Important For Women To Consume It!

Avocado is one of the greatest gifts of nature. Mother Nature has created this fruit for the female body.

Avocados have the same shape as that of the uterus in women. Research has shown that prevents cervical cancer and normalizes hormone.

There are more amazing facts!

The benefits for you, if you start to eat avocados:

It cleans the blood of harmful cholesterol. The oleic acid contained in this fruit, actively prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques and clean your blood.

Avocados have a large stocks of vitamin E. It protects the body, especially cells from the destructive actions of viruses and fight age changes at the cellular level.

Improves memory and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, due to the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Scientists have shown that serves as a prevention against the development of atherosclerosis.

Normalize the work of the heart. Due to the potassium avocado is able to normalizes water-salt balance and to be more stress resistant.

Lowers blood pressure. Avocados in a natural way lowers blood pressure.

Normalize bleeding and circulation. Thanks to vitamin and mineral complex in avocados, namely, vitamin B2, iron and copper, it prevents anemia (especially in children).

Increases efficiency. Thanks to those contained in avocados substances, it restores the nervous system, relieves irritability, fatigue and sleepiness.

Avocado – It is a natural antioxidant that actively fight free radicals.

Enhances immunity. Due to vitamin C, it is very useful in influenza, and also for people who have suffered from colds and viral diseases.

It is useful in constipation and entire digestive system.

Avocado prevents the spread of cancer cells. According to scientists in the composition of the fetus are included phytonutrients and phytochemicals, which destroy and inhibit the growth of certain types of tumors.

It helps the absorption of carotenoids. Regular addition of avocado to a salad will help you to absorb from 7 to 15 times. Carotenoids are natural pigment involved in photosynthesis, helps to water-salt balance. Involved in the formation of bones and teeth.

Avocados excites the passions, it is a powerful aphrodisiac. In ancient times was used to increase the potency and fertility.

Strengthens bones and teeth. It maintains in a good condition bones and teeth, due to the content of calcium and phosphorus. Phosphorus also helps in mental activity.

Protein source. This plant is an analogue of the meat of animals, therefore will be beneficial for people who want to gain muscle mass.

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