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Six Household Items You Should Never Use Past The Expiration Date

Always check the expiration date of their purchase in store or what we take out of the fridge. See and the dates, indicated on our beauty products.

Unfortunately, most of us do not pay attention to the expiration date of items that we use every day.

Here are the items: and when you need to throw them out!

Pillows – 2-3 years

After this period, the pillows are converted into serious kennels of dust and bacteria, and losing its shape, can lead to pain in the neck.

Slippers – 6 months

They are the perfect nursery for fungal infections. In addition to dispose of them among a half year use, you must wash them as much as possible more often.

Kitchen sponge – 2 weeks

In them always are developing bacteria and mold. It is better to scalded with hot water if you decide to use them longer, but of course, the ideal option is to change them as possible more often.

Towels – 1-3 years

In wet towels bacteria grow extremely beneficial environment. Even regular washing does not solve this problem and to three years period is necessary to renew.

Toothbrush – 3 months

Even if it is not worn, you must regularly change your toothbrush up to 3 months. Moreover, experts recommend to throw it away after illness from infectious diseases – so you risk to get sick again.

Hairbrush / comb – 1 year

Remember that you have to clean them well at least once a week.
If your hairbrush is for natural hair, it means changing it within 7-8 months.

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