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The Famous Cardiologist Revealed: Reduce The Blood Pressure In Only 5 Minutes Without Medications.

There are people who suffer from high blood pressure, which can lead to a heart attack at any time if it is not treated in time.

Doctors indicate a lot of treatments that sometimes are quite expensive to regulate the pressure, but if you are of those people who prefers to do it naturally, there is a traditional Chinese method, this effective method gives us excellent results to lower the blood pressure and to eliminate bad cholesterol levels in our body.

This little technique will help you to reduce the blood pressure completely natural, so it does not cause side effects. This only consists of working on certain pressure points in your body.

Pressure points 1 and 2

The pressure point 1 is located at the back of the ear lobe, the pressure point 2, is located in the center of the clavicle.

You must imagine a line between the two points, and you must cross it gently with your fingertips. Then exerts a gentle pressure in that area. You should repeat this procedure 10 times on each side of your neck.

Pressure points 3 and 4

After the first method with the pressure points 1 and 2, you must locate the pressure point 3, which is located half a centimeter (0.20 inch) from the earlobe in the direction of the nose (as shown in the image above).

You should apply gentle pressure on this area, and massage gently for at least one minute on each side of the neck.

Experts say that this natural technique for lowering blood pressure, is able to unlock arterial blockages, which allowing much more stable blood flow.

These techniques will be more effective if you combine a healthy lifestyle, which is why we recommend a number of tips for lowering blood pressure.

Avoid salt: this is one of the main causes of high blood pressure.

You should avoid smoking: avoiding cigarettes will not only help lower your high blood pressure, it will also help reduce your risk of heart and respiratory diseases.

Perform a daily exercise routine: practicing about half an hour, will help keep your cardiovascular system trouble-free.

You must perform this technique daily and you can lower your blood pressure naturally in just 5 minutes.

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