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People Give An Insane Money To Treat Their Knees, While This Recipe Of A Famous Russian Herbalist Does Wonders For Pennies

The pain in the knee was able to ruin the lives, as well as in young people. To avoid this happening, take measures in time

Pain in the knee occurs in varying degrees and frequency for different people.

And it is not surprising since the knee is under tremendous stress! Various injuries during sports or work, obesity, age-related changes of cartilage and whatnot …

When the cartilage wears already begun, are coming the first pain in the knee.

Today, we offer you easy and simply recipe of the Russian herbalist Murakov. Its herbal medicine became known during the Second World War and afterward. Today, the recipes of the Russian herbalist Murakov, exchanged on the forums and social networks.

Ointment based on honey and aspirin could stop arthritis and arthritis pain. After all, honey is a natural bio-stimulant that encourages the development of joint fluid and restores cells. This, in turn, helps to restore the tapered cartilage. Aspirin effectively reduces inflammation and stimulates tissue regeneration.

How to make the ointment of the Russian herbalist Murakov to stop the pain in the knees?

You need to have:

10 aspirin tablets
200 grams of liquid honey
a few drops of iodine

How is it done?

1. Crushed tablets into powder.

2. Mix the crushed tablets with honey, until obtaining a thick porridge.

3. Leave the mixture in a cool dark place for 10 days, not in the refrigerator. Periodically stir.

4. After ten days the ointment is ready, apply a few drops of iodine (5-6 drops) and stir again.

5. Apply the mixture on the affected area. Then apply the nylon to keep the mixture, and then put a woolen cloth. It should get something like a compress.

The process is preferably implemented at night. Compress leave during the night while you sleep. For the first time may feel a slight burning sensation, but then feel a burning sensation passes.

Keep in mind, that the recipe with honey is not suitable for people with allergies to bee products! During treatment avoid hypothermia, proceed with walking and standing, in order to minimize the load on the joint.

Treatment of the knee with folk remedies takes time and therefore requires regular use of compression.

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