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THIS IS THE REASON THAT YOU NEVER MUST WRITE “Amen” In Face Comments … Do not Miss out and Pay Attention!

Did you know that writing an “Amen” to your Facebook, hide a background that few know. Although it seems a completely harmless action, it turns out that after this habit there are people able to carry out scams only in order to get a like to the publication.

Perhaps many times you have seen some images of people who are sick and most of them are accompanied by some phrases that end up making the person agree to give it a like and put what they ask for. So pay close attention and discover what lies behind these publications.

If you are a Facebook user like many people and someone who feels sorry for the suffering of another, you have surely seen those publications that affirm things like “I know you’re not going to give likes to me because I am sick” or “Says amen to cure me.”

Particularly I was one of those people who faced this kind of statements like “Follow along if you do not have a heart”, I stopped and I liked it, but one day they alerted me about the scam after these things.

Actually there is no life that can be saved with a “like” or illness that heals by saying “amen”, what you get is to fill the pockets of scammers.

Some of the authors of such things tend to accumulate thousands of likes and followers, then remove the page and post malicious advertising, and even perform virus scams. In addition, they stay with your data, they know where you live, your email and until your date of birth, data with which in the end could hack your account.

Then, when you share these items you make become popular. And when this happens, the owner of the page earns money at the cost of an image that does not belong to a person who has an illness.

So do not feel bad, or sorry for not having heart and not sharing this type of post. Remember that your “like” and “Amen” only enriches those who live to do harm.

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