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Oncologists Warn: These Are The First Symptoms Of Cancer, Do Not Ignore Them, This Can Save Your Life!

Earlier this year it was announced sociological report on the number of cancer victims in the US

It turned out that in the US there are at least people who have died of cancer, unlike other European countries.

Today we have decided to share with you the most common cancer symptoms. In 95% of cases when the malignancy “caught” in time, can be cured.

Early Symptoms of Cancer

1. Swelling of the abdomen in women

A constant feeling of abdominal swelling without any clear cause can mean ovarian cancer. If after eating quickly comes the sensation of swelling, and thus a feeling of lower back discomfort for several weeks, it is time for a gynecologist to check.

2. An irregular cycle in women

Even if a drop of blood appears outside or after menopause, this is why you should visit a gynecological office immediately! This symptom could be associated with both cancer and other serious diseases such as endometriosis.

3. Abdominal and pelvic pain

Permanent pain in the pelvis indicates obvious problems with the ovaries.

4. Constant back pain in men

The strange thing is that prostate cancer and colon cancer in men are almost always accompanied by constant pain in the back. Of course, do not worry too much, but go to a doctor. Back pain can be due to a variety of reasons, but nothing before you go for review.

5. Testicular changes in men

The best prevention of testicular cancer is self-review. Men need to constantly inspect this area and be alert to any changes in the color, shape and location of the testicles.

6. Pain in the groin and thighs in men

Chronic pain and swelling in the area may indicate prostate or testicular cancer.

7. Stubborn coughing in women and men

Prolonged and debilitating cough, which is not susceptible to traditional treatment, is a cause for thorough study. This is not necessarily an indication of an oncological disease, but it is a reason for a specialist opinion.

8. Sudden weight loss in men and women

If weight loss is not intentional, the thyroid gland should first be checked. This symptom may indicate serious hormonal failure. But cancer of some organs, especially of the lungs, pancreas, stomach, esophagus, manifests itself in the same way.

9. Changes in breasts in men and women

Breast cancer is a problem not only for women! In men it happens much less often: only 1% of all cases of breast cancer. But oncologists say that men should never ignore the changes and new formations in this area.

10. Changes in lymph nodes in women and men

The lymphatic system is a mirror of our organism. Even the most common cold can cause an increase in lymph nodes! If the swelling does not disappear within a month, remember to do a blood test.

11. Changes in the skin of women and men

Skin cancer is a champion of death among malignancies because of the fact that in most cases people seek medical attention too late. Regularly check all moles on the body. If their color and shape change – go to a doctor. Timely diagnosis saves lives!

12. Changes in the mouth of men and women

All wounds, white spots in the mouth and tongue, which do not disappear for a long time, can indicate precancerous condition.

13. Chronic fatigue in women and men

If from dawn to dusk you are busy with work, and in the evening you spend time hanging out on facebook, you may have no worries. This is about fatigue and deterioration of health, for no reason. Chronic fatigue is severe. It is an important symptom for the diagnosis of leukemia.

Do not ignore the symptoms that worry you, but seek help.

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