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Use This Simple Trick To Not Become A Victim Of Ticks

In the warm summer and spring days there is only one drawback – nasty insects that crave for blood. Of particular danger are the ticks. If you love outdoor activities and spend a lot of time outdoors, or on the weekends, to travel on a picnic with the family, it is likely that you come to some.

To feel only a gladness, you do not have to think about potential dangers of the tick bite, I will tell you about a trick. And you can already guess, to prevent this problem very easily!

Effective means for ticks

All you need to have is the usual roll cleaner for clothes and essential oil. Add to it a less essential oil. Just do it evenly and lightly. Before you go for a walk in the park or go to nature, passing the clothes by roller several times.

Other most effective oils for control over the ticks.


This oil is considered to be particularly effective of control over the ticks, fleas and lice even.

This base oil is toxic to insects and is effective natural repellent.

The most amazing thing is that people love the scent of lavender, but ticks can not tolerate it. Moreover, this applies to lice and mosquitoes.

OIL of Chinese magnolia
It has a mild citrus flavor and is a natural remedy from fleas and ticks.

In this method, control of ticks is another nice bonus – helping to repel mosquitoes and flies. Due to the fact that you put essential oil on your clothes with roller, for you and others will be unobtrusive scent.

Also, some people just using water mixed with essential oils and applied to the body as a spray. But when body contact with the oil, it can cause skin irritation.

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