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She Applied Apple Vinegar And Slept With Plastic Wrap Bandages – See What Miracle Happened In The Morning…

This woman says that anyone who does not believe in this technique should try it for themselves. Packaging body parts in household foil is a popular method of weight reduction.

But do you know what happens when you wrap your stomach and lie down?

A woman tries this technique, and because she is amazed by the results,she shares:
“After three births my stomach was no longer flat and attractive. I was convinced by a friend to buy some lotion of algae and foil to achieve weight loss, ” says Colin.

She puts on her stomach apple vinegar, a thin layer of lotion and foil before she goes to bed and wakes up amazed! “When I got up, I took off my foil and I measured my waist, I was in shock, and I dropped 4 centimeters overnight,” says Colin.

A lot of benefits to our health, vinegar is due to the fact that in fermentation it retains 20 microns contained in fresh apples, including pectin, potassium, copper, iron. In addition to ferments and bioflavonoids, the acidic fluid is rich in vit. B, C, E and A.

The secret of technology is the loss of accumulated water and toxins. The summer period is ideal for the method due to extra sweating. However, you need to combine the technique with exercise and the right diet or the results will be short-lived due to water compensation.

Here’s how to try this technique yourself:

Here’s what you need:

Lotion, possibly with a weight loss effect

Apple vinegar

Aluminium foil

Elastic bandages

Method of administration
First, use a cotton swab moistened with vinegar and rub gently on your abdomen. Wait for it to get into the skin. Then apply a thick layer of lotion over the area. Now wrap the whole area with household foil several times and make sure it is not too tight. Finally wrap the top and bottom of the foil with the elastic band so that the foil does not fall during sleep.

The basic idea of packing is to help your body release the water and toxins that stay in the body, and the combination of foil, vinegar and lotion is ideal and has a quick effect.

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