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Get Rid Of The Extra Pounds And Speed Up Your Metabolism With This Vinegar Drink, Recommended By Dr. Jarvis

This article is for people who have accumulated extra pounds, because of their greed and laziness. The method of Dr. Jarvis is for them

Dr. Jarvis is an American doctor from Vermont.

He died in 1966. He spent much of his life dedicated to folk medicine.
You have certainly heard that apple cider vinegar is used to lose weight. That’s why we need to thank Dr Jarvis. For a long time, he has explored and experimented with a natural apple vinegar to find the best way to use this natural miracle.

The drink, which is the work of Dr. Jarvis is called switchel or honegar. Here, it is necessary to add, that the successful treatment of varicose veins with apple vinegar is also his merit.

The drink of Dr. Jarvis, will help people who have accumulated extra pounds, not because of illness and not because they have used drugs whose side effect is excess weight.

Today we will give you the Dr. Jarvis recipe. This drink will finally help you get rid of the extra pounds. With its help, metabolism will normalize and rejuvenate internal organs.

How to make the drink of apple cider vinegar of Dr. Jarvis? Here are the exact ingredients and the recipe step by step

Ingredients required

– 1 tablespoon of water (preferably boiled, filtered or bottled)
– 2 teaspoons of natural apple vinegar
– 1 tablespoon of honey
– a pinch of soda for bread


1. Carefully mix all the ingredients to get an active carbonated drink.

2. This is the most gentle way to use apple vinegar, which is suitable even for people with high acidity and stomach problems, because the soda is neutralized with acetic acid, but it is useful to stay in the beverage as a trace element.

Water with apple vinegar deals with the main problem that harms all people who are overweight. Normal red blood cell production rate, and good blood circulation – these are the beneficial effects of using apple cider vinegar.

You can add one or two tablespoons of apple vinegar in a liter, liter and half of water to drink throughout the day.

All people who are predisposed to obesity have the reduced blood circulation. In such people, anemia may occur, but they seem to have the appearance of wounds.

Weakness, dizziness, sweating – all these problems are harassing the owners of extra pounds. Apple cider vinegar will improve the condition of the blood. It speeds up and improves the process of digestion. The result will be noticeable after about 20 days.

Dosage and intake of Dr. Jarvis apple potion

The mixture, which is prepared from the ingredients listed above, is poured into a not very large glass of water. Drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. Once again, you can drink it even in the evening, before dinner. It should not be taken for more than 20 days.

It is advisable to limit the consumption of some delicious but harmful products during your intake. It is especially useful to eat raw carrots and apples, which you can add in different salads. Such changes in diet along with acetic therapy will give excellent results!

Vinegar will help actively process carbohydrates that will be immediately delivered to the blood cells and will not be stored and stored where they can become fat.

If you switch to a low-carb diet, the use of apple vinegar will be even more effective! Losing weight will start slowly and smoothly, but weight will not return again. Try the 20-day use of apple vinegar as recommended by Dr. Jarvis. We are convinced that you will be pleased!

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