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Shocking! Here’s The Reasons Why You Might Want To Stop Buying Supermarket Meat

If you’re like most Americans, you most likely buy your meat at the supermarket. Be it raw chicken and steaks from the butcher case or cold cuts from the deli counter, we usually do not think about the meat we buy, no matter how fresh it is and how much it costs.

But maybe you should think twice before buying your next chicken breast wrapped in styrofoam-and-cellophane, because what we’re about to tell you may have you buying all your meat at the organic local shop from now on.

Workers in the hypermarket admitted that their bosses are forcing them to soak the meat in water and washed before they cut and put it under the showcases for sale. The idea is to look fresh, pink and delicious.

Two students working in a hypermarket said they “clean” meat by pouring before placing on the market. In their opinion, consumers do not even suspect what they eat. The meat was frozen and then soaked for some time with some kind of harmless chemical.

Then the well is secreted and becomes entirely new. Even experienced chefs may be wrong, officials say. The mattresses on the showcases are marinated with spices and oils and return to the retail network.

Therefore, the only way to make sure that you eat a fresh meat is the presence of blood. In fresh meat there is always blood, no matter how much you wash it. While in the frozen meat only transparent liquid. Another way to be at least sure that the meat is fresh is to take it with bone. The guarantee is not great, but at least there is a minimum chance that the meat is not left too long in the market.

Frozen Thanksgiving turkey in the supermarket could easily have been slaughtered a few months ahead of time and blast-frozen to keep it fresh.

If you are looking for a fresh Thanksgiving turkey, we suggest to find a local farmer who sells turkey, or buy yours from the US Heritage Foods, which exports its meat from small family farmers.

A more shocking situation is with veal. Imported meats from Argentine and Brazilian undergo brutal procedures. For the duty to be less on them, the meat is dried in special machines. And when imported, a new treatment begins – they put the meat into the washing machine filled with salted water and revolves around 2 hours until the meat reach the normal size.

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