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I Gathered All The Watermelon Seeds And Boiled, Drank Two Days – the results are astonishing and you will immediately try after you learn 16 Seed Benefits!

Watermelon contains almost 91% water, and it is the best source of hydration due to its content of electrolytes.

Watermelon hydrates our cells and balances the pH.

Due to the citrulline content, watermelon is also known to reduce and treat erectile dysfunction.

Like the Viagra, citrulline relaxes and expands the blood vessels.

The watermelon seeds consist of nutrients such as fatty acids, basic proteins, minerals such as magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron, and the full range of vitamin B such as thiamine, niacin, folic acid. In addition, it contains only 600 grams of calories.

These seeds are useful for the treatment of urinary tract diseases. Make tea from fresh water seeds to remove stones and sand in the kidneys.

You need 20-30 seeds of watermelon. Clean and cook for 15 minutes in 2 liters of water. Consume them for 2 days and pause on the third day.

The procedure should be repeated a few weeks, but it is important to rest every third day.

The health benefits of watermelon seeds:

Number 1: Protect heart health

The seeds, which are full of magnesium, spare the heart, so that it works correctly. In addition, they maintain blood pressure and improve metabolism. They are an amazing means of avoiding cardiovascular disease and hypertension.

Number 2: Prevent aging
The seeds contain antioxidants that help to prevent aging, strengthen the skin and keep it healthy and fresh.

Number 3: Cleanse acne
Acne, dirt and dead skin cells – dip a piece of cotton into watermelon oil. This oil is suitable for all skin types and helps you cope with skin problems.

Number 4: Strengthen the hair
These seeds are high in protein and amino acids, which easily reinforce your hair. In addition, the fried watermelon seeds will make your hair shine because it contains melanin-producing honey – the pigment that gives the hair color.

Number 5: Treat an itchy scalp
Oil of watermelon seeds has a soft texture that is easily absorbed. You can use the oil as a moisturizing cream for dry, itchy skin.

Number 6: Prevent hair damage
Seeds have indispensable fatty acids that help prevent hair damage.

Number 7: They regulate blood pressure and serve to prevent coronary heart disease
Arginine will help you deal with coronary heart disease and balance blood pressure. Arginine also helps prevent stenosis of blood vessels. Triptofan and lysine are two other amino acids present in these types of seeds.

Number 8: A rich source of magnesium for a better immune system
The advantages of using watermelon seeds are, that they significantly increase the amount of magnesium present in such products as wheat, rice, oats and cocoa powder. Pantothenic acid, known as vitamin B5, is needed to convert carbohydrates into energy.

Number 9: Recovered vitamin B6 deficiency
A deficiency of vitamin B6 can lead to state, called Berrybery. B6 is a complex of vitamin B that helps convert carbohydrates into energy.

Number 10: Provide essential amino acids
The body needs amino acids, such as arginine and lysine, to work perfectly. The last is very effective in absorbing calcium for healthy bones and tissues.

Number 11: They give unsaturated healthy fats to a healthy body
80% of the fat in watermelon seeds are unsaturated fat. These seeds are an excellent source of energy for the body without additional calories and will provide you with half of the required healthy fats daily.

Number 12: Hair and nails
The seeds include proteins that keep your hair healthy and shiny, and nails long and strong.

Number 13: Treat swellings
Mix one teaspoon of dried and crushed watermelon seeds with one teaspoon of honey and then place in 3/4 cup of warm water. Mix well and immediately use – 2 times a day. The drink will help you deal with the problem of swelling.

Number 14: Improve male fertility
They have antioxidant lycopene, which is an excellent and effective therapeutic method for increasing male fertility.

Number 15: Memory Problems
If you want to recover properly from the diseases, use watermelon seeds in your diet. In a few days you will see the effect. In addition, for those who have memory problems, the seeds will help to recover the memory.

Number 16: Hydrates the skin
The seeds contain fatty acids, that are ideal for soft, supple and hydrated skin.

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