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If You Know How Useful Their Leaves Are, You Will Never Throw Them Out

The leaves of figs make miracles in your body

Although the fig is one of the most loved fruits in our country, few are the ones who take into account the health benefits of fig leaves.

Fig leaves are of great benefit to diabetics, as tea or the extract of them greatly reduces blood sugar levels and thus the body needs less insulin.

The leaves of figs reduce the dangerous fats in the blood – the so-called Triglycerides.

The production of a large amount of these fats from the body leads to the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease.

The taking of raw fig leaves or tea from them decreases this index significantly.

Fig leaves also perform miracles in Buerger’s disease (blockage of blood vessels) and in bronchitis and asthma. Their beneficial properties for health are far from exhausted. Taking raw fig leaves is a popular remedy for folk remedies for ulcer.

Applied as a compress are able to heal almost nasty pores, subcutaneous buds and get rid of various skin dirt. In addition, fig leaves are a wonderful, natural antioxidant.

What we do not know about the fig leaves is, that they rank second after the orange with calcium content. Potassium, which helps to regulate blood pressure, is inadequate in almost everyone. Fig leaves and fruits, are an excellent way to get it naturally

It turns out that the fig leaves are the most fiber-rich food and for this reason have a strong slimming effect

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