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12-Yr-Old Left In Coma After School Beating. But When He Wakes, Mom Shares His First 2 Words

In today’s society, abuse is a major problem affecting people of all ages. The problem is even more a problem in schools.

Many little children are subject to violence every day and go to extraordinary lengths to avoid it. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, recognized abuse as a serious epidemic and went further than creating a video to entrust others to oppose abuse.

All children should feel safe in a schoolroom that is considered a safe zone for all students, although the shame for Henry Sembdner is a clear proof that it is not. Henry, 12, attended a school in Kenyon Woods High School in South Elgin, Ill. While walking in the corridor when he accidentally came across another student.

After the first blow, the other student turned and aggressively threw Henry down to the ground, hitting it against a hard surface.

He continued to beat Henry, who fought to defend himself. Henry suffered many fractures, as well as brain bleeding from the severe beating he sustained. He was placed in an induced coma at the hospital for the risk of swelling of the brain.

Henry was sent to the Advocate Lutheran General Hospital at Park Ridge. The school community provided great support to Henry and his family.

Many Henry’s colleagues and other students wore equipment for Chicago Cubs in support of him, they were his favorite team.

Henri’s mother, Karen Sembdner, said in a blog post: “During the next few days we will arrange visits from 10 different doctors and rest. We hope we will not have any failures and we will continue to post until the recovery path is discovered.”

Player of Chicago Cubs Rizzo took to twitter again with a message for Henry. He’s tweeted, “I’m glad you’re home Buddy. Stay here #HenryStrong. I’ll see you at Wrigley this summer.”

Upon waking and having his breathing tube removed his first words were: “I’m hungry!” for Henr’s mother Sembdner this was a truly moving moment being able to hear her son’s voice again, something she will never again take for granted.

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