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These 3 Moves Will Get You Toned From Head to Toe

All you needed is a ball for exercises …

There are various tutorials that offer different exercises for each part of your body, where you can routinely train the exercise every morning. Do not think too much, start shaping the body!

Here are three types of movements that allow your body toning;

1. Exercise “Wood Chop”

It works on: back, chest, arms, abs, legs

Stand with the feet gathered together, holding the ball with both hands in the chest. Leap to right, landing on right foot, left toe tapping down in back as you reach up and right with the ball (left). Jump to the left, landing on your left foot, driving ball down and left (right). Repeat this exercise for a minute, changing the sides.

  • Make it easier: Step instead of leaping.
  • Make it harder: Go faster.

2. Power Ball Push-up

It works for: abs, chest, arms

Start in push-up position, right hand to the ball (left). Keeping arms and hips square, release the chest until the upper part of the chest is parallel to the floor (right). Return left. Rotate the ball to the left and place your left hand on the ball. Make other pumps for a repeat of the exercise. Make a total of eight repetitions.


  • Make it easier: Drop knees to floor.
    Make it harder: Hold for two counts at bottom of push-up.

3. Squat Row

Works for: shoulder, back, arm, leg

Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding the ball up (left). Slowly slide to the bottom by kneeling, then drag the ball back again pulling with the left elbow up (right). Make squats twice, then return to the previous position repeating again up to 8 times in total.

  • Make it easier: Skip the pulses.
    Make it harder: When you return to (left), add a jump during the exercise.

Source: www.goodhousekeeping.com

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