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The Cream Of Greek Goddesses That Will Make Your Skin As A 20-Year-Old, Soft And Wrinkle-Free

Cream from ancient Greece is incredible! It is known as the cream of the ancient Greek physician Galen. And it does miracles! In it are convinced not only the goddesses of Ancient Greece, but also and modern women.

One of its actions is that it helps against infections and all kinds of plagues on the skin.

Separately, makes it soft and gentle as a baby. Its preparation is also easy and fast. On a water bath, warm a spoonful of beeswax or paraffin.

Add four tablespoons of basil oil and six tablespoons of rose water. But once melted. Then we wait for the consistency to thicken as a cream.

Finally, add two or three drops of rose oil to the resulting mixture. And the miracle is happening! Apply on your face. Let it stay so about fifteen minutes and then rinse your face with water.

With just a few simple recipes, the same effect is achieved. Three leaves of mint are poured with half a pound of boiling water. Leave the potion to boil on the stove for five to ten minutes and then remove from the heat.

Once it has cooled down, strain it. Add four tablespoons of boric alcohol to the mixture. Another 2 tbsp of calendula and one tablespoon of lemon juice. With the ointment we rub our face in half an hour. The effect is astounding!

Treatment with yeast is also tremendously. Twenty grams of yeast with warm milk are poured. Apply to a clean face with circular movements. Wash with warm water.

Another equally effective recipe is a mixture of half a spoonful of yeast and yoghurt

Was added and teaspoon of lemon juice, carrot or orange juice. The cream stays 15 minutes on the face. Then it is removed. Swollen and reddened skin is treated with white or blue clay.

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