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Discover 12 Foods That You Can Grow In Plastic Bottles

We believe that each of you in your home does not have enough space to have your own orchards, or you do not have enough sunlight on balconies or terraces to grow your own plants there…

Therefore, in this article you will learn how to create your own garden in your home!

The necessary material that you need:

– Plastic bottles
– Hole nails
– Rope
– Marker, ruler and scissors
– Waterproof cover
– Lighter


* First mark the cut areas of the bottle with a marker (A rectangular next to a bottle and a small hole through which the rope will pass).
* cut the bottle and make the holes with the nails.
* Cut the rope that you will use in two long strips. Burn edges and apply them.
* Pass the rope through the holes in the bottle.
* Add a strip of tape to the bottom of the bottle.
* Have two knots; One at the bottom and one at the top.
* Choose the plant you want to plant on your first bottle, so leave enough height and put another bottle higher or lower depending on the plant.
* Pass the rope to the second bottle.

Before adding the bottle to the top of the other, it is important to make sure you cultivate the bottle below.

This is a list of plants that can be grown in plastic bottles:

– Strawberries
– Green beans
– salads
– Tomatoes
– Radishes
– Carrots
– Peas
– Green vegetables
– Garlic
– Beet
– Chard
– Chilies
– Chives


– The wire connecting one bottle to another will be used for climbing plants.
– Watering the plant every day and it is also important to always keep the humidity

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