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Incredible! Castor Oil And Baking Soda Can Treat More Than 24 Health Problems.

In today’s time, we believe that everyone is using traditional medicines for their effectiveness.

Today we will share to you a powerful mixture of castor oil and baking soda that offers a numerous health benefits and treats at least 24 common health problems.

Castor oil has a strong influence on circulation, as it is often used as a coating.

All you need is a plastic plate, cold-pressed castor oil, towel, clean gauze and a bag of hot water.
Before applying, be sure to clean the area with the baking soda solution.
Heat the oil, soak a gauze and apply it to the affected area.
Then cover the area with foil and place a bag with warm water.
Wrap with a towel and let it work for 1 hour.
Try to relax the area.
Repeat this procedure every day for 40 days.

According to Dr. A. McGarey, castor oil treats various health problems, for example:

* In case of cutting, bruises and wounds use castor oil to accelerate the healing process.
* Wrap a warm compress with castor oil on the ankle and let it work overnight to accelerate healing.
* To prevent stretch marks – massage the belly with this oil during the last 2 months of pregnancy.
* In order to remove wrinkles on your face – just mix baking soda and castor oil
* Dip castor oil over your eyes every night before bed to cure cataracts.
* Apply castor oil on your neck daily to treat chronic obstructions and vocal nodules.
* Apply castor oil to treat the pilonidal cyst.
* Take 5 drops of castor oil in the morning for every day for the treatment of allergies.
* Rub a little castor oil on the eyelid to treat eye allergies, every night before bedtime.
* For the treatment of nicotine and alcohol addiction – just drink a few drops of ricinus oil every day.
* To stimulate hair growth – massage the scalp well with castor oil daily, 20 minutes before shampooing.
* In case for improving hearing – just drop a few drops in your ear.
* Drink 8 drops of this oil 4 months to completely eliminate tinnitus.
* Apply this oil a week to relieve pain in the lower back.
* Apply hot pieces with castor oil on the stomach for the treatment of chronic diarrhea.
* Rub a little castor oil over the affected area for a month to remove the warts.
* Infection of leg fungus can be eliminated by daily use of castor oil.
* Foot massage with this oil a day to remove calcium deposits.
* Apply ricinus oil over the stomach to treat hyperactivity.
* Castor oil effectively treat hepatitis.
* Mix baking soda and castor oil for the treatment of skin cancer.
* Soak a gauze in a little castor oil, and pass over a bee sting, immediately removing the swelling.
* Apply castor oil to your stomach for 2 weeks to stop snoring.

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