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Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay $417 Million In Lawsuit Linking Baby Powder to Cancer

The lawsuit was filed by Eve Echeveria because, as she put it in the lawsuit, Johnson & Johnson Powdered Baby Products did not warn consumers about possible cancer risks.

The court in Los Angeles ruled yesterday that Johnson & Johnson had to pay a $ 417 million to a woman who claimed she had ovarian cancer after the regular use of baby powder from that company.

Her lawyer, Mark Robinson, said his client hoped that the verdict would affect the company so they would start giving additional warnings about their products.

“Mrs. Echeveria is dying of ovarian cancer, and she told me she just wanted to help other women across the country who had ovarian cancer because of the use of Johnson & Johnson powder,” Robinson said.

Carol Goodrich, a spokeswoman for that company, said that Johnson & Johnson appeal the court’s decision and that while the company sympathizes with the patients of ovarian cancer, the science speaks in favor of the safety of children’s powder. A Virginia woman with ovarian cancer diagnosis during 2012 was awarded a $ 110.5 million in damage to the St. Louis Court, and while last year, three trials for the same product were damage of 72, 70, 1, and 55 million dollars.

Goodrich said the company is preparing for new trials in the United States and will continue to defend the security of its products.

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