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Do You Know the Truth Behind The Small Scar On The Upper Left Arm and Its Real Meaning?

Do you know why some people have a small circle of scar on their left hand, at the top? This scar is due to vaccination for smallpox. This vaccine was used until 1970s. It included live Vaccinia virus which triggers an immune response that protects people by the variola virus that causes smallpox.

Once the vaccine has been applied, a bubble was formed and then a crust, and is treated within a few weeks. After all, a circular scar. Doctors used a bifurcated needle that was dipped into the Vaccinia solution.

Every time the needle penetrated the skin, it adds a small amount of vaccine that causes blisters…. Maybe that’s why the scars are pretty big.

What happens after vaccination?

A slight swelling occurs in the vaccinated place and lasts for 6 to 8 hours. Then the swelling diminishes. 6-8 weeks later, the swelling reappears, like a swelling of a mosquito bite. This swelling begins to grow and creates a nodule, which bursts and releases the liquid and creates an ulcer. Once the ulcer is healed, it remains a scar.

After the 70s.

In the Western countries, after 70 years, smallpox was eradicated, so it was no longer required, unless someone has traveled to the country where the virus still existed. In the 1980s, the variola virus was eradicated completely, and we no longer need a vaccine against smallpox.


  1. I had the vaccination when I was young but it didn’t form the scar. Someone told my Mother I had a natural immunity against against smallpox. Never knew if that was true or not but I don’t have the scar.

    • That would make sense tho as to why it didn’t react and blister. Your natural immunity was better than the vaccine 🙂
      If the Dec would look more into what makes some people naturally immune they may could isolate genes or something and do away with the dangerous shots by replacing with a different method of induced immunity, wouldnt that be amazing ❤

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