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With These Six Easy Tricks You Won’t Have To Shave As Often. I’ll Definitely Remember Them!

For those who believe that wax or epilation is too painful, the only option is shaving. But shaving every second or third day can become quite annoying after some time.

That’s why today we offer you a few tricks that will help you to increase the time for the next shave, and also your skin will be smooth and soft a while longer.

* Immerse the razor in hot water before shaving.

Heating the razor in hot water will help make it to glide more easily on the skin and this will result in more efficient shaving.

* Use shaving oil instead of shaving cream.

We all use shaving cream, but from now on you have to try shaving oil. Why? Because when you use oil for shaving, razor glide directly on the skin

* Shave in the opposite direction of hair growth.

The golden rule when it comes to shaving, always shave the hairs against the direction of their growth! This removes the hairs much closer to the root and leaves the skin smoother. The effect of shaving will last much longer.

* Changing the razor blade.

If you want your skin to be smooth after shaving, change the blade at regular intervals and check the sharpness of the blade

* Clean your skin before shaving.

Another way to increase the efficiency of shaving is to clean the skin before shaving. This removes dry and dead skin, that can prevent your razor from gliding smoothly and reaching as deeply as possible.

* Take a hot shower before shaving.

That sounds strange, but in fact it’s really important. Before shaving you should take a hot shower or if you have no time at least wipe your skin with a warm, damp cloth. This opens the pores and softens the hair.

After shaving, you must treat your skin with soothing body lotion. And if you are suffering from mild irritation, the best way to treat it is to use aloe vera gel.

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