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There Are Constant Quarrels At Home – Here’s How To Check If There Is Negative Energy

The negative energy in your home can only bring you evil, nothing good. Apart from affecting the mood – it causes nervousness, depression feelings, sadness, pessimism …

Many say, they are lately aware, that negative things happen to them just because of the bad atmosphere in their own home. Some say they even returned the film back to the head and it was clear, that the mood drastically ruined that moment,when evil entered the house – and so every time.

The negative energy in the house can bring people who live in it, but also occasional visitors, maybe neighbors, or enter the people who once lived there. It permeates in all parts of the home, and it is also possible to accumulate some hard-to-reach places.

Here’s how to find out if there is negative energy in your home:

* Take a simple, transparent glass;
* Cover 1/3 of the glass with some sea salt;
* Fill 2/3 of the glass with white vinegar or organic apple cider vinegar;
* It covers the remaining third with pure water

Place the glass in the room where you think that the negative energy is more powerful, it can be a place where you receive visits where all members of the house go to get together….etc.

– It is important that the cup is hidden, so that no one moves the glass from that place at that time.

– Leave it in this position for 24 hours.

Then check the glass – iif the glass is like as you left then the bad vibes are not presenet in that room?

-Repeat the procedure in another room.

Signs that negative energy exists and how to expel:

If you notice spots or many bubbles in the glass, it means there are energy problems in this room. In this case, repeat the procedure until the signs of negative energy disappear while the water in the glass is not the same as you left it.

Important! Water always pour into the toilet and immediately drop the water. This will completely clear the negative energy that is accumulated in your home.

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