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Watch: Production Of Fake Pepsi Cola Caught On Camera

Today people do not know what they are buying, there are many false products, such as: products for beauty, fake rice, fake meat, face bags and much more. Despite all these types of false products, people still tend to continue to buy them. Even if it is not your intention; Still, in the end you have become victims of these manufacturers.

In a video recorded in an unknown garage in Baghdad in Iraq, you can see a mini factory about a fake Pepsi. And here’s how exactly they did it:

1. Used Pepsi bottles are purchased and gather all together.

2. The factory employs young children to throw excess content, as well as cleaning bottles.

3. After that, the bottles are then put in crates in preparation for refilling.

4. Under pressure, the gas is then placed in the bottle before they are being sealed.

5. The bottles are then refilled with a fake beverage.

6. The used crowns are also used to seal the products.

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