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Ball Technique for the Sciatica Nerv…

When talking about the sciatica it is important to understand the underlying medical cause of the sciatica symptoms. There are six problems with the lower part of the back that are the most common causes of sciatica:

Lumbar disc herniation

Herniation of the disc is a protuberance or herniation of the inner soft part (nucleus pulposus) of the outer fibrous disc (annulus), causing the irritation of the adjacent root nerve where this root leaves the spine.

It is often thought that the wound caused by a sudden strokes in the end can lead to a herniated disc and sciatica. Actually, most discs weaken over time due to repeated microtraums that eventually lead to a hernia. The herniated disk is also called a broken disk, a protruding disk or an attack of the nerve, and the sciatica is the most common symptom of a lumbar hernia disk.

In this post we suggest exercises to release the Sciatic Nerve, especially when you have pain and you are unable to move. Start with an exercise and you will see relief immediately.

What do you need?

With a tennis ball you will see immediate relief in a very effective way, sciatica is manifested by puncture in the gluteal and piriformis of the muscle associated with the short muscle.

The goal of this self-treatment is the release of the nerve due to the pressure of the pyramidal muscle.


Lying in a supine position, place a tennis ball under the buttock, in the muscle … pyramidal. The ball should be placed sufficiently side (as shown in the picture) to prevent the sciatic nerve.

By placing the ball, you will notice that the pain disappears after a few seconds, approximately 40 or 60.

Change your position and keep the pressure until the pain disappears.

Repeat the procedure this time on this side (Place the ball as shown in the picture).

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