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Have you Heard of the Japanese Crystal Algae (WATER KEFIR)? Heals Many Diseases, Strengthens the Immune System, against Cancer…and have a rejuvenating effect!

Japan Algae are living organisms that look like crystals. They are a form of Tibetan mushroom (Kefir) and have strong healing properties.

How the Japanese algae grow and what is being treated with them?

Seaweed are actually living organisms that resemble jelly crystals, also known as Japanese sugar mushrooms. In fact, the so-called water kefir is a bacterial starter with enviable health qualities.

How the Japanese algae grow and breed?

Japanese crystals are grown and reproduce very quickly in a container with water and sugar (for 3 tablespoons crystals required about one liter of water and 3 tablespoons sugar). Also you can add a few raisins or other dried fruit or slices of lemon or lime juice, as the sugar and the fruit actually provide the nutrients needed by the bacteria.

Do not use honey instead of sugar as it will contribute to the desired sweetness but is antibacterial, which will negatively affect beneficial bacteria in water kefir.

Approximately 24 to 48 hours are required for fermentation, after which the crystals have to be washed under running water and returned to a new mixture of water and sugar. The jar is also rinsed without any detergent. And the water obtained from the Japanese algae should be consumed immediately, after straining, as its healthy qualities disappear over time. And when the crystals multiply too much, you have to divide them into several bowls.

In order to achieve other flavors of water kefir, many peopel use instead of water fruit juices, freshly squeezed or compote juice. Or they mix 50 to 50 juice and water.

Like kefir growing, Japanese algae should not use metal utensils and utensils that kill the healing properties of crystals, as well as crystals themselves. Best use glassware and wooden utensils.

How to know that you have successfully prepared water kefir?

After the course of fermentation, the water loses a significant portion of its sweetness. The resulting healing fluid may also be slightly carbonated.

What are the healing properties of Japanese crystals?

Japanese algae water is a universal natural remedy that can be applied to any illness. It treats cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the digestive and nervous systems, skin and even cancers, kidney problems, anemia, respiratory diseases, etc. Japanese crystals also act as a toner, strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation and metabolism, improve the appearance and health of the skin, rejuvenate and bring longevity.

The positive effect of treatment with Japanese algae is evident after 2 to 6 months, during which you consume an average of one liter of healing water per day.

Treatment with Japanese crystals, however, is not recommended for diabetics because of the sugar content in the water.

Unfortunately, you can not buy Japanese algae from a store, but there are plenty of people who donate Japanese algae, as they breed very quickly.

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