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It’s Incredible, But You Also Can Bake Eggs. The Result Is Incredibly Delicious!

Eggs are not only delicious but also very good for the body. Their preparation is very easy and fast and you can prepare them for a million ways.

Today we will share with you the knowledge that pays to know when it comes to the preparation of eggs. At the same time, we will introduce you to a slightly untraditional recipe for baked eggs.

What should you know?

Oven instead of stove

Yes it’s right. You do not always have to cook the eggs on the stove, you can also use the oven in which the eggs will be baked. We recommend using a muffin baking mold, which you simply wipe with butter and then fill the molds with raw eggs

We recommend salt and pepper. You certainly do not have to worry about adding anything else that’s right for you, such as chopped tomatoes and grated cheese.

Then just put the baking mold into the oven pre-heated to 180 degrees for about half an hour and can be served!

Effective serving

If you prepare eggs on a pan, we recommend using gingerbread molds or vegetables such as onion and pepper, which eggs are gorgeously framed. picture below.

Bottle as a helper

Perhaps it is strange to you, however, the bottle is indeed a helpful helper if you want to separate egg yolks. Just take the bowl or a shallow plate, and then using the neck of the bottle, paste the egg yolks and release into the second bowl

Hard-boiled eggs or egg yolk on the center

If you want to have a sample egg hard, because you are going to serve them for an event for your acquaintances, there is a solution. Just put eggs on its side for about 12 hours, then you can easily cook them.

Office pin?

Does it also happen that half of your cooked egg will remain in the shell? So with this trick no more! It is enough if you take a small office pin and carefully put it in the shell. Then you have to cook the eggs in the usual way, and when the eggs are peeled, they will be perfect.

Sample cut

To cut the eggs exactly halfway, use a spoon and a knife that we recommend to soak in the water. As a result, the yolk will not stick to the knife and will allow precise cut.

Perfect omelette

Maybe you did not know, but you can prepare an omelet in both the pan and the oven.

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