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How To Make Alkaline Water At Home In Just A Few Simple Steps!

Alkaline water is only consumed during a strict diet, during and after illness, but not constantly, says Marion Nestle

The effectiveness and good functioning of the body depends on the acid-base balance. A bad diet with a high content of acidic products leads to oxidation of the body and prevents the normal functioning of the internal organs.

To maintain optimal pH level, it is recommended from time to time to add to your diet alkaline water, and here’s why!

Marion Nestle is Professor of Nutrition and Public Health at the University of New York. She is also Professor of Sociology at New York University and a visiting professor of food science at Cornell University.

Marion Nestle wrote the column “Nutritional Issues” for San Francisco Chronicle from 2003 to 2010. She has her own foodpolitics.com blog. She participates with her opinion in the film Super Size Me (2004), Food, Inc. (2008), Food Fight: The Inside Story of the Food (2008), Killer at Large (2008), Organic We Trust (2012) and others.

Today we offer recipes and other materials include recommended by Professor Marion Nestle, which you could easily make alkaline water at home.


Besides the fact that this water helps to normalize the acid-alkaline balance of the body, it has a number of important health benefits.

1. The use of alkaline water is an excellent prevention of diseases of the digestive system.

2. It helps to prevent many chronic diseases, including cancer.

3. Alkaline water prevents accumulation of free radicals in the body, thus removing toxins.

3. Prophylactic use of alkaline water normalizes blood pH and blood flow processes.

4. Alkaline water hydrates every cell in the body and prevents premature aging.

Alkaline water is obtained by a special filtration process. Those of you who do not have time to make it themselves and want to drink alkaline water quality, can buy the silver water. MORE DETAILS HERE!

1. Recipe for alkaline water with Himalayan salt and lemon.

In a liter and a half of water add the juice of a lemon and Himalayan salt to taste. This water will be very good if you can drink at least 2 cups in the morning before breakfast.

2. A classic recipe for alkaline water

In a liter and a half of water add a teaspoon of baking soda and a lemon, cut into pieces.

3. The simplest method of obtaining an alkaline water – by boiling

This method of making alkaline water is quite simple. The water should be boiled for 5 minutes. This increases the pH of the water from 7.2 to 8.4. Boiled water is best stored in a container with cap in a cool place.

The particular of alkaline water is the fact that it is not drunk in large quantities. Two glasses per day are enough.

Consult with your doctor before starting to use alkaline water if you follow a diet that contains alkaline foods.

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