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Pediatrician – Here’s The Truth About Vaccines – You’ll Be Scared!

While pharmaceutical companies make money, the problem with the vaccination of children continues to divide the parents into two warring camps – those who raise children and those who are struggling with vaccination in any way.

But have you ever wondered, how the vaccine was made? Perhaps, millions of fathers and mothers around the world are not trying so much to fight against the pharmaceutical mafia …

We’ll tell you how pharmacists actually “cook” their vaccines, to find out once and forever, whether it’s worthwhile to vaccinate your child.

Vaccine composition

Let’s first understand what a vaccine is. The vaccine is an immunobiological drug that is introduced into the human body (or animal) to create a permanent immunity to infectious diseases.

Invented in 1796, the method of prevention is continually improving, preventing epidemics and saving millions of lives around the world. Why does the issue of vaccination cause such heated debate among the public?

Vaccines are alive, inactivated and polyvalent. However, they are united by one common feature – they all contain weakened strains of a variety of infectious disease pathogens. Is it safe? Definitely!

But the microorganisms are not as dangerous as the preservatives used in the production of vaccine preparations.

Mercury salts are the most real pesticides. These highly toxic substances can have a negative impact on the nervous system by destroying healthy cells. Is it useful? I do not think … However, pharmaceutical companies are willing to add these substances to vaccine preparations.

Aluminum hydroxide is the most common adsorbent used in vaccine production. This is a common cause of allergic reactions and autoimmune diseases.

Companies can even use formalin, which, among other things, is a powerful allergen and mutagen.

Vaccine production is a process covered with a veil of secrets and assumptions. But the most important thing is worth knowing: the complete composition of the drug is known only by the manufacturer. And everything we see is just a small part of the vaccine components.

And if we mention the raw material that is used to distribute viruses then it throws us in trembling. These are the organs of the bodies and blood of people who died of hepatitis and abortive material. Well, the virus does not grow alone: the blood, tissues and internal organs of humans and genetically defective animals are used as a nutrient medium.

And this is where viruses multiply, preserving their functionality, for example, formaldehyde, thus using the carcinogen and mutagen that we mentioned above. And what do we get as a result? A real explosive mixture of microorganisms, carcinogens, poisons and bacteria. It is terrible to imagine that such a medicine can enter the fragile body of the children!

In maternity clinics, they insist on vaccination against tuberculosis and hepatitis B. There are no arguments to convince this intimidation of the mother. After a few months, the baby must be vaccinated against tetanus, pertussis, diphtheria, measles and rubella.

It often happens that hospitals in some way give you vaccination and then want to get paid for vaccination. The conclusion is obvious: the question of vaccination is a matter of huge money ranging from state auctions to ordinary pharmacies.

Vaccinated or not – it’s up to you. However, neither the state nor the medical workers can guarantee the quality of the vaccines. If you still have decided to vaccinate your children and vaccinate yourself, then surely follow the quality of the vaccine that doctors will kindly sell you.

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