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Those Were my Legs 5 Days ago, but with This Remedies no Longer Retain Liquid and the Swelling goes down

One of the vegetables that brings us the most benefits is celery. It is good for combating hypertension and fluid retention. This is due to its many diuretic and depurative properties

In the same way, it avoids heart problems, joint pains and relieves menstrual cramps. In addition to that, it has few calories and is made up of 95% water, so it hydrates and cares for the skin.

Another of its many advantages is to prevent kidney disease. It also has the ability to reduce discomfort caused by kidney stones, it fights anemia, asthma and rheumatism.

As for fluid retention, it is very important that the person knows how to handle this situation. Otherwise, the body can not eliminate toxins properly. So, we will present some uses you can give celery in this regard. Also it will combat urinary tract infections and, above all, fluid retention.

Celery seed

We can use these seeds as spices for our food. We can mix the seeds with bread, soups and salads. However, it is very important to avoid consuming the seeds alone. Mixing it with another food will facilitate your digestion and absorb your nutrients better.

By ingesting these seeds, we will increase the production of urine, eliminating excess water and toxins. You can add a tablespoon of these seeds to 1 cup of boiling water. Then, when it cools down, pass the substance through the strainer and drink it. The dose in this case should be 3 cups a day maximum.

Onion with celery

Another way to take advantage of its properties is to cook the celery with a little onion and salt water. The resulting broth should be taken as any other beverage. With this you will be contributing to purify your entire body. It is advisable to do this fasting process 1 or 2 times a week at most.

Smoothie of celery, lemon, apple and carrot

Pour in a blender several celery stalks, along with carrot and chopped apple and lemon juice. Now, liquefy everything very well until you get a homogenous substance. This shake should be consumed after each meal. That will be enough to expel the toxins through the urine.

Celery salad

In a bowl mix a little chopped onion, red pepper and parsley with celery. This salad will benefit your body by increasing intestinal juices. As a result, you will flush the leftover gases.

Celery and kiwi juice

For this juice you will need 4 branches of celery, 1 cucumber chopped in 4 and 2 kiwis cut in cross. Then you will go through the blender and drink this juice before each meal. Like celery, the kiwi is composed mostly of water. In addition, it is high in vitamin B and C, and has high levels of fiber that improve the intestinal flora. Both the fiber and vitamins mentioned above are very good for health in general.

Take into account

If you want to improve the functioning of your urinary system, it is important to consume enough water. And we must not forget to take a balanced diet and perform physical activities. This will help us to get better results. If you do, you will notice a big difference in your health and fitness. If this information was useful, share it in your social networks.

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