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This 10-Minute Abdominal Routine Burns More Belly Fat than a Half-an-Hour Run

The most common problem that people face when trying to lose weight is the removal of abdominal fat. In fact, building muscle can actually lose weight, especially in the stomach area.

As we use our hands and feet daily, they remain thinner; However, the abdomen is the area where fat tends to accumulate the most.

In many cases, this is the result of trying to lose weight instead of building muscle. Namely, cardio will not be enough if you want to lose your abdominal fat and build your muscle.

Here are three different exercises that will help you burn your belly fat and at the same time you will become closer to getting the body you’ve always wanted.


This exercise is excellent for tightening of the abdominal muscles.

To get started, lie on your back with knee-shaped legs. For an extra challenge, remove your knees sideways against each other (as shown in the picture above).

Raise the upper half of your torso from the floor, as much as possible. Hold this position for one second. Exercise is done for three seconds. Hold the pressure for a second and then go back to the primary position. Repeat at least 10 reps per series.

The position of the hands in this exercise is not important, it is essential to feel tension in the abdomen. Put your hands to the body or in front of your chest or behind your neck for an extra challenge.

The Plank

This exercise is most unique because it is an isometric exercise, which essentially means an exercise in which you do not move or do repetitions. Several studies have found that isometric exercises are effective in muscle building as well as fat burning because they increase the temperature in muscle tissue.

Start lying on your stomach with your elbows on the ground. Tighten your belly and lift your body from the ground. The only parts of the body that should touch the ground are the toes and the elbows.

Try to keep your body in this position for 20-30 seconds, increase your time as much as possible.


This is one of the most complicated exercises, but it is a great combination of cardio exercise and muscle building exercise.

Lie on your back and put the hands behind the head. Tighten your abdomen, and raise your left knee upward to touch your right elbow and vice versa to the left elbow to your right knee. Your feet should be like a riding wheel.

Switch the sides. Perform 10-15 repetitions.

Do all the exercises consistently. It takes about 90 seconds to complete, each exercise being 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds between different exercises and repeat this cycle at least five or six times or until you can do the exercises properly.

Do not be discouraged if you need a longer break after the first cycle.

This series of exercises can take at least 10 minutes. It may seem short, but they’re highly beneficial.

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