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Feeding After 18:00 – Doctors Named 5 Products, Which Should be Eaten at Night

Which of us does not like to look into the fridge after 18:00? We often say, “I do not like to drink tea” And ends with eating sandwiches with sausages and accompanied by richly creamy cake.

How wonderful are such moments of evening … Especially when the whole day has turned.

This is just for the pleasure, that you have to pay.

From regular meals of light carbohydrates, you can just as easily accumulate fat deposits.

But nutritionists have recently given carte blanche, which foods you can eat after 18:00! Experts believe that a strict diet is not appropriate at all if you choose a diet of healthy foods in the evening – for those that improve the quality of sleep and do not move the arrow on the scale to the right. Let’s see what you can eat at night without harming the figure.

Eating for the night

Black chocolate

Often this product is listed as forbidden. And completely in vain, because between the chocolate bar with nuts and the dark chocolate bar there is a huge difference! Black chocolate contains the minimum amount of sugar. This type of delicacy promotes rapid weight loss and also leads to a return to normal cholesterol levels.


You can eat soup at night. The fact is that all hot fluids have a soothing effect. If you feel that you can not satisfy a cup of hot tea, do not forget to warm a little soup (it is best chicken or vegetable).
It is important to remember: do not eat lentils, peas or beans for the night. This can cause restless sleep.


With current prices, of course, a person can not afford to eat these delicious nuts often. But if you really want, you can afford a little luxury. A handful of almonds will be an excellent opportunity to satisfy the night’s hunger.
Those who want to lose weight do not be afraid to eat almonds. In a 2012 study, the results of which were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it turned out that this product does not add extra weight.

Pumpkin seeds

If your hand is stretching itself to a packet of popcorn or chips in the evening, immediately hide the harmful snacks! Instead, take a handful of pumpkin seeds.

It’s just such a food that can easily cope with night’s hunger and help prepare for the bed. As you know, pumpkin seeds are extremely rich in magnesium, which is very important for a quiet and deep sleep.


Scientists note an undeniable fact: the diet, the main ingredient of which is rice, reduces the risk of insomnia to 46%. Rice refers to foods with a high glycemic index that affect the rate of production of tryptophan and melatonin. These hormones are extremely important for quality sleep.

It is also important to understand the whole trick of our body. Sometimes thirst can be camouflaged under heavy hunger. Try drinking a glass of water and preferably a glass of ginger tea!

Enjoy your dreams and the beautiful figure! Be sure to share this interesting information with your friends.

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