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5 Early Warning Signs Of Anal Cancer Everyone Is Too Embarrassed To Talk About. Do Not Ignore Them

Over the last few decades, cancer has become a central theme in both the medical and media communities. This is largely due to the difficult-to-recognize symptoms and often aggressive treatments.

However, is one form of cancer that is usually overlooked by both sexes, due to its location and its taboo status in society – anal cancer.

This is a form of cancer, a malignant tumor of the outer opening of the colon, called anus.

The reason why this form of cancer is often overlooked is due to its location. This is not part of the body that is readily visible to be examined daily, or an area that we even think about when discussing cancer. As a result, people can unreasonably ignore or reject the symptoms of anal cancer completely. Not to mention that it can be a tedious and awkward topic to discuss. As they do not receive (immediate) attention, people with potential anal cancers are at risk of getting worse.

The identification of cancer of the anus at the earliest stage is extremely important. Although it may be very difficult to do so, as many symptoms of anal cancer are not present at the early stage. However, if you deliberately and regularly pay attention to potential symptoms, although cancer may progress, it can help reduce the risk.

The important symptoms you should following may include:

* Pain or feeling of pressure in the anus
* Itching in the anus
* Anal bleeding
* The presence of a lump or hard area near the anus
* Changes in bowel function

In most cases, the cause of anus cancer is unclear. Factors that may increase the risk of developing anus cancer, however, may include: frequent anus, smoking, and decreased immune system.

If you have any of these symptoms of anal cancer, please ask your doctor for a review.

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